Earn While You Learn Online Marketing With Us ….

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  1. yvette says:

    I need 2 drive ready buying targeted customers 2 my website..

    • Franto Hruz says:

      Dear Yvette,

      I looked at your web site and like to suggest you do more work on it so and traffic to bring to your page is not wasted.

      For that you ‘d like to turn it into a very focused capture page, offering a free report to all your visitors on a special topic of great interest so they will give you their name and email for you to follow up with some informative details about the things you have to offer over the course of some weeks and months.

      Successful online marketing requires that you learn how to work with your mailing list members over a longer periuod of time and not just get them to visit your web page, look at it once, never to be in touch with you ever again.

      This will never cover your cost of bringing traffic to your page and will only bring an end to your business very quickly.

      I hope you can see now where your biggest mistakes are and will work on resolving them quickly.

      Franto in Toronto


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