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      Two Serious Wealth Building Strategies:

The first strategy centers around the idea of "Forced Wealth Building" where you start by investing a considerable amount of money which you got as a secured, low interest loan or a mortgage which you invest at an attractive rate of return.

You keep paying down the loan with your own income and the income generated with your investment.

As soon as about 50% of your loan is paid off, you take out more credit and invest it as you did previously until your investment generates enough income so you no longer have to pay down the loan with your own personal contributions ...

At this point you are ready to expand onto the second strategy, setting up "Self-Liquidating Loans" with the Margin Value of your investment.

You don't want to take on too much risk, but using between 20% to 25% of a high yield portfolio can be used for this, adding a very attractive income to the portfolio.

I can also provide suggestions for lucrative derivative strategies, with a limited risk profile to clients interested in a managed account, introduce you to an online study site and assist you in gaining financial success.
Why you can, and should protect your assets!

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